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How to Download YouTube Videos Easily with

Many YouTube videos are not only for entertainment, but also contain valuable information, and it is often not convenient to view these videos on the go, especially since considerable data is required to stream video. Thankfully, there is a simple solution for downloading and later viewing this content without an Internet connection:

Download large size videos before you need them has the advantage that it does not have to be installed separately on your device, and you can use this tool conveniently when you have a strong Internet connection—it makes perfect sense to download large size videos before you need them and, ideally, the videos will be downloaded without any interrupting advertising.

The easiest way to use is to copy the YouTube URL from your browser and paste it directly into the green-bordered window which you’ll see at You then have the option of selecting the desired download quality or the video quality. Click “Download” and the YouTube video download will start automatically.

There are two options for this type of video download: free and paid. The paid version offers more functions, and the download is faster. The free version works just as well, without any problems, the download just takes a little longer. The free version is more than sufficient for the occasional download.

Tariffs for the paid version are staggered across monthly ($5 per month), six months ($20), and lifetime license ($40 once-off). supports many other platforms supports downloading not only of YouTube videos but many other platforms too—videos on Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can all be downloaded in the same way.

In most cases, or by default, you can download YouTube videos in MP4 format, which can be played on most current devices. Older videos are saved in FLV format, also usually playable without any problems. If you have playback problems with a FLV file on your device, you can have it converted free of charge via the free Handbrake converter which makes it easy to convert FLVs to MP4. currently supports the MP4 format, which offers SD, HD, Full-HD, 2K, and 4K recording qualities Ultimately, however, the quality depends on the quality of the original. If the author of a YouTube video uploaded their file at 1080p resolution, you can use to download it in the same quality.

If you wish to download videos more often, the browser plug-in is recommended. In this way, videos can be downloaded directly from the relevant website. When you start the video, you determine whether it should be downloaded. currently works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and all other Chromium-based browsers.

Source: Download YouTube videos with SaveFrom.Net (in German)