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What is Magnalite cookware and is it safe to use?

When it comes to kitchen utensils, many home cooks will have their favorite brand of cookware. One of the best-known cookware brands is Magnalite cookware, which many acknowledge for its high quality. But since the materials used to make this type of cookware mainly consist of aluminum, some people wonder if Magnalite cookware is safe to cook with. We will clarify this question in the following article.

What exactly is Magnalite cookware?

Magnalite cookware is a type of aluminum cookware that was brought into the market in the 1930s by the Wagner Company. Magnalite cookware is very durable and made from the casting process of magnesium and aluminum alloy. For this reason, the company chose the name “Magnalite” for their brand, as it is a combination of the word “magnesium” and “aluminum”.

The aluminum that Magnalite cookware is crafted from has been oxidized under a controlled heat environment, which results in its unique dark-gray cast. The pots and pans are then electrostatically coated and finished with a special graphite thermal coating that conducts heat quickly and evenly. They also come with a lid that completely keeps the moisture inside, making the food moist and juicy.

Is aluminum bad for your health?

The World Health Organization states that the human body can manage 50 milligrams of aluminum per day. In 1965, Researchers have tried to identify the effect of aluminum on humans and discovered that in high amounts, aluminum could be harmful to the liver, kidneys, and respiratory system. There was a belief that a large amount of aluminum ingestion would result in Alzheimer’s disease. However, further research from modern-day scientists has shown that Alzheimer’s disease can’t be associated with aluminum cookware, as the neurofibrillary changes resulting from aluminum do not match.

Normally, people get a small amount of aluminum from natural food and water. This element is naturally present in soil and water, which the plant will then absorb. Some foods such as vegetables, milk, meat, and grains, also contain low levels of aluminum. But certain plants, such as spinach, mushrooms, and tea, have the ability to absorb the elements from the soil. These plants will therefore have higher levels of aluminum. Still, if you have a balanced diet, your body can manage the aluminum on its own, so no worries there.

Can aluminum cookware affect food?

There are many types of aluminum cookware that are used in cooking, including aluminum foil wrappers, aluminum pots, and. aluminum pans. Although, the question remains; does aluminum cookware affect the safety and quality of the food that is produced?

Some studies state that using aluminum cookware to cook food will result in the food absorbing some quantities of aluminum from the cookware. Especially cooking with aluminum foil, which is considered to be the most ‘dangerous’ one.

The temperature and the type of food being prepared will also affect the aluminum absorption rate, as high temperatures make it easier for food to absorb the aluminum. And some food components, including salts and acids, will increase the food’s oxidation potency, therefore increasing aluminum absorption in the process.

Is it safe to use Magnalite Cookware then?

As we have stated before, some amount of aluminum will be absorbed in your food if it comes in direct contact with it. However, using Magnalite cookware for cooking will not result in a tremendous excess of aluminum in your body! As a reminder, magnalite cookware is made by using aluminum that has already been oxidized, and the oxidation process prevents aluminum from being absorbed by foods, even salty and acidic foods.

Most of the medical authorities have concluded that you can use anodized cooking utensils to cook food without worrying that the food will become contaminated. So you can rest assured that Magnalite cookware is completely safe to use and will not cause excessive ingestion of aluminum through the food.

How can I tell if my Magnalite cookware is anodized or not?

If you are not sure that your Magnalite cookware is anodized, therefore safe to use, or not, you can try these three main steps to help identify anodized Magnalite cookware:

  • Check the cookware texture. The anodized aluminum should have a matte texture.
  • Check the cookware color. You can try scraping a piece of the paint from the cookware. If there is no paint coming off, it has been anodized.
  • Try scraping it with a penny. Anodized aluminum is harder than the copper used to make a penny, so if the penny leaves a copper streak on the cookware, then it is anodized.

In conclusion, Magnalite cookware is indeed made from magnesium and aluminum alloy. But it is perfectly safe to use because it has already been anodized, which prevents the aluminum within the cookware from contaminating the food cooked in it. So you can be reassured that your food will be both easy to cook and safe for consumption when you use Magnalite cookware.