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Top 5 Best Multi-Level Marketing Plans

It is undeniable that many people had their doubts in regard to multi-level marketing, or the pyramids, as some like to call them. That said, we can’t argue that some of those are now doing amazingly in 2021, like Tupperware for example. This is why we decided to present you our 5 favorite MLM plans of this year.

What’s an MLM?

An MLM, or Multi Level Marketing business, starts with one person or a group of individuals that will sell various products or services to a potential prospect. In other words, the buyer could also become a seller representing the company, and then, he would be placed under the seller who sold him/her the product in the first place.

This creates a tree and depending on your place in the hierarchy of the company, you make more or less money. Since the sales of the representatives in your team also bring you some revenue, then the more people you bring into the scheme, the more money you make.

Reviews of the 5 best MLM Plans

We found for you the best Multi Level Marketing business of 2021, so if you were looking to start selling some products, then look further no more! Let’s begin:

Forever Living

In the US, Forever Living has been one of the top MLM companies for many years. Their returns on commissions are very good, and their products are highly sought-after. Their bestsellers comprise the following products:

  • Forever Aloe Vera Gel,
  • C9,
  • Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo
  • Aloe Sunscreen

That’s just a few of them. If you ever decide to go with them, they offer a whopping 30% discount for their distributors on all products. The startup starting fee will cost you something between $88 and $250 USD. Not too expensive compared to many other MLM plans that offer this kind of discount to their distributors.


Probably the oldest multi-level company out there, if you never heard of Tupperware before, then on what planet do you live? They started in 1950, and have been since one of the biggest brands in the world. Back in the days, they were only selling portable containers for the kitchen and whatnot. But now, they sell many things, even clothes! On average, Tupperware dealers earn an extra $700-$800 yearly. Of course, we are not talking about the big fish here, but it gives you an idea of how much you can make if you just decide to do this on the side as a fun activity.

Nu Skin

First and foremost, a big advantage with Nu Skin is that they don’t require you to buy a minimum package or anything of the sort. So it’s a good option if you were just looking at the possibilities without wanting to invest hundreds of dollars in something that you don’t know anything about. Like Tupperware, this company is an oldie, which started in the early 80s and quickly became a top brand in the skincare and dietary supplements industry. An average seller doing this gig on the side can earn about $150 to $200 USD per month.

Mary Kay

Literally a boss of the beauty industry, Mary Kay consultants/distributors can kick-start their business with only $100 USD. Why should you go with Mary Kay aside from the cheap start point? Their gross profit cut is much smaller than other MLM networks, as you get 50% gross profit on your sales. Usually, MLM companies will only give you about 30%. What’s more? The average distributor doing this as a side job earns about $1000 USD on a yearly basis.


As the last one on our list, but not the least, we have the DoTerra company, which mostly specializes in selling essential oils and various health products. The main goal and promise of doTerra were to offer essential oils that are 100% pure. Of course, the production costs would be a bit higher, but the company actually succeeded and even went above and beyond expectations.

Since the products are high-quality and in demand, you won’t need to fear that your new customers only buy a few products and never come back! As a matter of fact, this is a recurring problem with many MLM companies, whereas their products are never as good as they look, therefore putting you in a tough position to get traction with your sales. The average distributor for doTerra makes around $150 to $3000 annually.

And that was our top 5 MLM brands that we think are good for people who just want to start a fun little side hustle. In any case, the most important thing is that you choose the company that sells the most interesting products for you. That way, you will enjoy selling and involving the others in your team so you can grow even more.