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Everything you should know before buying a refurbished iPhone

Nowadays, everyone dreams to own an iPhone due to its newest features and high performance. However, a brand-new Apple product is quite costly, so many people are looking for a second-hand device as an alternative choice. Speaking of which, a refurbished iPhone can be an interesting option that you should consider as well.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

Refurbished smartphones are either returned products (usually due to customer dissatisfaction) or defective products. In general, most refurbished phones are directly sold by owners simply because they want to buy a newer model.

Therefore, a refurbished iPhone is a second-hand device that has already been renovated and repaired (if needed) by the manufacturer or seller. Once ready, the latter is repackaged in a new box in order to be sold at a lower price.

Why should you buy a refurbished iPhone?

As we mentioned above, a refurbished iPhone is indeed an ideal choice for people who have a limited budget. Although the device may not be as shiny as a brand-new one, it saves you hundreds of dollars!

Besides, it usually still functions as good as a new one, unless you got scammed. But if you bought the refurbished device straight from the official Apple Store, you don’t need to worry about that. Moreover, most phone dealers offer a year-long warranty as well.

What are the differences between grade A, B, and C refurbished phones?

Refurbished electronic devices are divided into 3 grades, depending on the number of defects, the number of owners as well as packaging conditions. Below is the definition of Grade A, B, and C:

  • Grade A: For a refurbished iPhone, grade A means that the device is in excellent condition, almost like new.
  • Grade B: The grade B products may have some minor imperfections like little scratches, but nothing that would normally bother you, especially for that price.
  • Grade C: Grade C is considered the lowest quality. It means that the product may feature noticeable scuffs and other signs of wear due to heavy usage. Nevertheless, the iPhone should function flawlessly, it’s just that the exterior appearance won’t be as good as it once was.

Where can we buy a refurbished iPhone?

If you have decided to buy a refurbished iPhone, below are the 3 recommended place to purchase it online:

Apple Refurbished Store

Of course, the first place you should visit is the “Apple Refurbished Store”. Here are the full advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone on its manufacturer’s official website:

  • 100% functional. You can be sure that the product has passed the Apple Certified Refurbished program and has been entirely cleaned before delivery.
  • All refurbished iPhones are under one-year warranty. Also, you can purchase AppleCare+ to extend the warranty coverage (optional).
  • You can return your order within 14 days if you are not satisfied.
  • The battery and the outer shell have been replaced.
  • The package consists of a refurbished iPhone, a power adapter, a charging cable, as well as lightning EarPods (in some models).
  • Free standard shipping.

Furthermore, the refurbished Apple products are significantly cheaper. For example, a refurbished iPhone XS 64 GB with an A12 Bionic chip processor would sell for $639 only while the new product would officially cost $899 ($260 saving).

Apart from the Apple official website, is another reputable online retailer where you can find a good refurbished iPhone. This website offers a better deal compared to other stores. There are also many iPhone models available that you can choose from, for example:

  • iPhone 8 refurbished 64 GB – the price starts at £169.
  • A refurbished 64 GB iPhone XR is selling at £319 (around $453).
  • A refurbished iPhone 11 64 GB is currently selling at £419, or $594 approximately.

The selling price varies from the phone’s condition: good, very good, excellent, or like new. Almost every product on Giffgaff comes with a 12-month warranty. After making a purchase, your order will be delivered the next day without any extra shipping cost. In the box, you will find a charging cable for free.

For more than 25 years of experience, Mac of all trades is one of the best phone retailers, guaranteed by a 99% satisfaction rating from clients. The shop claims that its products are tested and repaired by certified technicians to ensure the best quality. Most importantly, it also provides free standard shipping and exclusively a 1-year hardware warranty, including a 14-day return policy.

The most trending Apple refurbished product on the website is iPhone XS Max with 64 GB storage (very good condition). The latter is now selling at $549 while the brand-new one costs $999. Hence, you can own a look-like-new iPhone while saving up to 45% on your purchase!

As refurbished devices are second-hand products, they may differ in quality and present unfavorable conditions, such as cosmetic defects, accessories not included, etc. Also, you have to accept the risk of further problems, like battery deterioration, that could occur in the future. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a refurbished iPhone from a reliable retailer with a warranty offer.